Why the LifeData Community?


During the COVID-19 pandemic, many researchers were required to work remotely, apart from their colleagues and collaborators. Conferences had to be canceled and opportunities for scientific collaboration and sharing were limited.

We decided to create a community where like-minded researchers could connect, collaborate, and share their work. LifeData Connect was born.

In addition to the conference, you will be able to participate in the community forum and engage (as a presenter or attendee) in regular virtual meet ups. This community is for researchers who want to stay connected and continue to advance the science of daily life research.

LifeData Is Real-Time Data


The LifeData platform handles studies for gathering Experience sampling, EMA, Daily Diary, ePRO, eCOA and other methods using intensive longitudinal designs. Many of these studies gather real-time participant/patient data that offer unique insights into daily life, symptom patterns and response to treatment. Recognizing the value of real-time data and the proliferation of smartphones, LifeData leveraged advances in mobile technology to create the first smartphone-based platform for gathering this kind of patient reported data in 2011.

LifeData customers are now using our technology in over 30 countries. Its widespread use has been fueled by the ease with which our mobile apps can gather data over the course of outpatient treatment and following people in the context of daily life. The platform can be used to tailor studies for any research, clinical specialty, or participant/patient population, and allows for the delivery of questions on a frequency chosen by the investigators’ needs. LifeData’s real-time platform provides customers with more accurate data than is possible with traditional retrospective methods.


To learn more visit LifeData at www.lifedatacorp.com


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